Saturday, 30 July 2016

Summer days...

Well, the post-Partizan ‘slump’ in production and engagement with the hobby predictably happened – all the energy that one throws into a project, the big day, and then a lull – and the blog and painting took a back seat over June. However, July has proved to be quietly productive, and after a short write-up, I’ll let the pictures do the talking!
The completed 4 point Scots Covenanter Faction - Hero, characters and shaken markers included

The end of June and the early part of July saw a bit of a watershed moment – I managed to finish off the last two figures of my planned Scots Covenanter Musket, which gave me my completed 4 point basic Covenanter Faction. I could now put 2 points worth of ‘trained’ shot, 1 point of ‘trained’ pike, and 1 point of ‘elite’ dragoons onto the table, with their Faction Leader ‘Hero’ character. This was the original plan of some (?)2 years ago, and on the 7th of July I breathed a massive sigh of relief when I added the static grass and scenic materials to the last musketeer’s base. Job done!

The Infantry, with the Saltire leading the way, sergeants marshalling the rear

A bird's-eye view

Captain Drummond's Company - these chaps have had their final two figures added this month

Close up of the unit - worth 1 point in Donnybrook  - a unit of regular musket

The rear of the unit - the tartan's been a real pain, but worth the effort

Mcleod's Company - the next 'point'. These chaps have slightly different coloured coats to distinguish them from Drummond's company

Hodden coats of the Scots Government troops
A rear view. The movement trays are from Warbases, and help moving the figures around. If the shot are on these trays this means that they are operating in close order, and gain an advantage in shooting. The edges also define the 'shooting corridor'

Mackintosh's pike - a mixture of coat colours here, reflecting the musket unit coats as well. These are the third point. I could theoretically split this unit in half so that I have two small Scottish regiments of 12 figures each when combined with the musketeers, when using different rules.

The pike about to charge.... I love the chap second from the left in the front rank, shouting battle cries...

Gordon's Dragoons - only 3 figures strong, these are worth 1 point in Donnybrook, as they are 'Elite'. Here are the mounted and dismounted versions, horse holder 'marker' and shaken marker.

Close up of the Dragoons

The dismounted marker

Peeping over the top...

Since then, I’ve steadily added to the faction, in terms of characters. I already had an ensign for my Scots, but I’d planned to have four characters for my factions (alongside my heroes), one for each ‘points worth’ of troops. So, with two units of shot, two sergeants seemed appropriate, to help them reload quicker, and I also had a rather lovely Perry Miniatures piper to paint up as well, who will help out with morale checks. I’ve now got these completed as well – the last sergeant was done on the 27th of July, and the whole faction has now been completed to its original plan! There are moves afoot to add another 2 points worth of troops and characters to bring it up to a 6 point faction, but for now I’m concentrating on getting my New Model Army faction finished off.
Tam McLeod and his 'boys'... Hero and characters of the faction

Gordon Blair..... dour but slippery...... a real mixture of inspiration in his name...
Close up of Sergeant Blair - a Perry Miniature figure. He will sergeant for Drummond's company of shot.

Roy Armstrong - sergeant of McLeod's company of shot.

Another Perry figure - his plaid is more greenish than shown in the daylight.

Hamish McLeod the piper.... who's just ...loud...

Another Perry figure - I imagine him to be a relative of Tam, and part of the McLeod clan

I've not really done any particular tartans - just 'homespun' patterns with muted colours. I tried something a little different here, and It's worked out well.

Jamie the Ensign. A hand painted flag that was based on real examples.
Another Perry Figure, one of many drawn from their English Civil War range/Scottish line.
On that front – there’s success as well. Last night saw me complete my NMA Ensign, Nehemiah Cotton. His colours have been finished off for a while, and it was just him that needed some work doing to get him done, but the holidays and fine weather have helped. Just two more character figures for the NMA faction now, and then they will also be completed.
Nehemiah Cotton, with his activation card.

A close-up of Ensign Cotton. This flag, with one 'wavy 'pile' on it, represents the Major's colours.

A view from the rear - realistically he could portray an ensign from many regiments of the era.

The fine weather has also allowed me to get outside and take some pics of the completed Scots faction, and some battle action. I’m staggered at how much more detail one can pick out in real daylight – a no-brainer really – but as it’s the first time I’ve done it, it’s really blown me away! The hedge next to the front lawn really adds to the backdrop of a foreboding Scottish wood, so I’m really pleased with how these photos have come out. More of this I think in the future, weather depending!

'Forward!!! For Christ, Crown and the Covenant!!'

Hodden grey and Venice red clash somewhere in Scotland

A view along the battle lines..

Thomas Playwell the fifer keeps spirits up...

'Cast about and make ready!...'

In the background and throughout these pictures are my new dry-stone walls, another product of a rather positive July. I’ve followed the pattern of my previous efforts in creating and enhancing commercially bought walls – stripping off the static grass and glue by soaking them in water, spraying them black, drybrushing up the stonework, adding sand and PVA texture to the bases, painting this basework, and adding more static grass and scenic materials to the bases and walls. Rather a faff perhaps, and time-intensive, but definitely worthwhile. I’ve now got 15 wall lengths which should be enough…..for now.

The next few days should see me complete my other NMA characters, then I’ll add to my civilians. The Other Partizan is in three weeks, on the 21st of August, and the RAWGamers are putting on ‘A Donnybrook near Dunbar’ as a participation game. All these chaps (and hopefully more) will get a run out – for the last time! After that show, I’ll be starting on a new game and era – and hopefully there’ll be no ‘Post-Partizan Slump’!

As always, thanks for looking and the continued support and kind comments here and elsewhere on other forums. ‘Til next time! Ka-boom!!!!
'At the scum to the fore....Give...your...... fire!'