Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Command base finished!!

Well, finally, a few weeks after the last post, I've got my command stand finished! People who have been following this blog over recent months will hopefully be pleasantly surprised to see my drummer and standard bearers now joined by the first two of the rank and file infantry. The basing has taken place over the last week or so, in stages, and was finally finished off tonight. I've taken inspiration from Barry Hilton's post here http://leagueofaugsburg.blogspot.co.uk/2013/11/i-wanna-tell-you-story-tales-with-toy.html
and I've added some water to the base. Now, realistically, this water should probably be a mucky shade of brown, but, I like the bluey-green; slightly artistic in some ways, but it's reflecting the summer skies of a European summer!!(Maybe.......) I've added a few pictures including the pike stand, just to give a sense of numbers.Next up will be the two 'rank and file' bases, starting with the officer and sergeant. Ten more figures, then Regiment d'Humieres will be finished. Until next time.......

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Next Ensign.......progress!

 Hello again!! A few days on, and here's more progress on d'Humiere's Regimental Standards - this time the Drapeau de Colonel, or 'Colonel's colour' - the equivalent of the 'Royal Colour', in British/English regiments. It features the white cross of France on a plain background. Most Drapeau de Colonel in the French army of the period were variations on this theme. This time, I've gone with a white standard pole, and silver cordeliere or tassels. The white cravat or scarf at the top of the standard pole is made out of Greenstuff as usual, and the figure is Wargames Foundry (as usual!!)

The final photo is a picture of the 'command base' of d'Humiere's regiment, as it is at the moment. Both of the ensigns are now painted, and with the drummer, look rather impressive. I've just got 2 rank-and-file soldiers to do, to finish this base off. I've tweaked about with the position of the figures since this last pic was taken - and learnt a lesson, about NOT sticking figures down too early, or with superglue! It's incredibly difficult to move figures about afterwards, if you're not happy with the position of them, so I'll have to re-think my basing 'method' in the future..... I suppose I'm just too eager!!

Until next time, when this base will be finished!!
See you soon.