Thursday, 12 April 2012

Grenadier Company

Hello again! Below are the latest addition to my French infantry battalion - the Grenadier company. These chaps seem to have taken ages, but finally they're completed. They are all Wargames Foundry figures, and as three of them are all the same figure, I've tried to introduce a bit of variety to them, with different coloured overalls, patches, blankets etc. To the right, you can see them in marching order with the First Company, and below, in the courtyard of a tavern somewhere in southern France, before marching off en route to Spain. The final figure in the company is the Sapeur, wearing his bearskin and brandishing his axe. Although sappers would normally have been with the 'Head of the Column', they were often drawn from the Grenadier company, and I like to think that he has returned to see some old comrades in arms - in truth it was just to break up the monotony of the same grenadier figure!

I hope you like them - next up will be the other 'elite' company of the battalion - the Voltigeurs - or light company. See you soon!

Monday, 2 April 2012

Hello again - with a new project!

Hi everyone. Firstly, an apology for being away so long - I know it's been a big gap between posts, but I lost the blogging 'bug' for a while. Any way, it's nice to be back, and there's a new project in the offing! Mauritzania is on the back burner for various reasons (which I'll go in to at another time), but don't fear - it will be back!
Anyway, the new project...... well it involves the alleged pinnacle of wargaming - 28mm Napoleonics. I have had a copy of the Black Powder rule set for a while, but haven't got round to trying it out yet. The idea is to build up two forces to carry out a Peninsular War scrap on a small scale, using various amendments to the rules that I've picked up from various blogs and wargaming websites. Judging by various comments, the ability to be amended appears to be the beauty of Black Powder, in the sense that it gives a great framework that can be tweaked to fit the situation of the individual gamer. In my case, it's a lack of space, limited funds and only a certain amount of painting most gamers then I guess!
First up then is the start of my French forces. I've had some of these figures - from Wargames Foundry - for about 8 years, but failed to get any paint on them.... until now. This is the first fusilier company of my first battalion, somewhere in Spain circa 1813. Enjoy! Next up will be the grenadier company, in a few days time. Until revoir!