Thursday, 24 October 2013

d'Humieres' Ensign

Hello all!! Still here - though for various reasons painting, and therefore posts, have been somewhat lax over the last few weeks! But I'm still working on my League of Augsburg French, and here's some pictures of the regimental ensign for d'Humieres Regiment. He's not even varnished yet, so keen I was to get some pics on here!!
 As you may notice, there's a couple of things that have changed from the last picture of the standard - I've altered the colours of the tassels - the cordeliere - to match the colours of the field shades of the actual flag. It has been suggested that these cords were either in the same colours as the flag, or often silver.The flag pole has been painted blue in this case, as was sometimes the case; sometimes the poles were also the same colour as the flag field colours, or in the case of the Drapeaux de Colonelle - the standard with the white cross of France, on a white background - the standard pole could be white. These details were picked up from French Infantry under Louis XIV - 1688-1714 by Robert Hall, which I picked up in CD form from Baccus Miniatures at the recent Castle Donington Show. It's those little things that just add so much more 'oomph' to these figures, and I'm blown away by the level of detail in Hall's work - reasonably pricey but well worth it!!

This figure has been a joy to paint - one of the old Perry-designed Wargames Foundry Early Marlburian range, and he certainly looks the part. Time to get some varnish on him, then get to work on the next ensign, and the Drapeaux de Colonelle! See you soon!!